New book: “Memoir of a Death Angel” released from

Memoir of a Death Angel is the coming-of-age story of an unwilling death angel of human ancestry. By age seven, Persephone Matepas realizes her eccentric family is magical. They casually clean house with carbon tetrachloride and practice an obscure form of Greek Orthodoxy. Her grandmother, Yiayia Friday, teaches Persephone sympathetic magic, tasseomancy, and how to lock doors by holding her breath. Her mother, Medea, is a crazy opera diva with her own dinner theater, who tries hard to obstruct Persephone’s destined vocation. Cousin Christy is a high-level military assassin and possibly an angel, as well. The entire Matepas family is being stalked by an extremist Greek-Orthodox secret society called the Athanatoi. But why?

Persephone finds out why on her fifteenth birthday, after the Athantoi kidnap her parents, try to kill her seven times, and plot to execute the love of her life.

She is then hustled off to a monastery where she learns she is the next in line to become a death angel. It’s a family vocation, yet…she doesn’t want to. Persephone refuses the hereditary honor and assumes a new identity. A precocious student, she becomes a doctor, and after a torrid love affair, flees to New Orleans to escape her stalker/boyfriend and the unrelenting Athanatoi. 

The heretical sect doesn’t give up easily. Soon Persephone faces a chilling choice: accept her inheritance and live as a death angel for seven-hundred and seventy-seven years, or refuse and face her hunters. There is no neutrality, no surly contentment, no middle way. Persephone has one desire: to experience all that human life has to offer. The thrones and seraphim can wait.